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The PEG ratio is the Price Earnings ratio divided by the growth rate. The forecasted growth rate (based on the consensus of professional analysts) and the forecasted earnings over the next 12.. Facebook's peg ratio for fiscal years ending December 2016 to 2020 averaged -0.7. Facebook's operated at median peg ratio of 0.4 from fiscal years ending December 2016 to 2020. Looking back at the last five years, Facebook's peg ratio peaked in December 2020 at 0.8. Facebook's peg ratio hit its five-year low in December 2019 of -5.7

PEG Ratio Definition. The PEG ratio is calculated as the PE Ratio / TTM Earnings Growth Rate. This metric is important when analyzing the potential for continued growth in earnings, with a justifiable price. The PEG ratio below 1 is usually considered an undervalued investment. Read full definition PEG is defined as the PE Ratio without NRI divided by the growth ratio. The growth rate we use is the 5-Year EBITDA growth rate. As of today, Facebook's PE Ratio without NRI is 28.20. Facebook's 5-Year EBITDA growth rate is 33.80%. Therefore, Facebook's PEG for today is 0.83 Preferably, we use trailing 12 month PEG ratios because those allow us to see where PEG ratios have been in the past based on trailing 12 month earnings trends and that gives us an indication of where the best times to buy or sell that stock might be. For example, we might find that the best time to buy a particular stock is when it's trailing 12 month PEG ratio is at an extreme level, and we.

The PE ratio is a simple way to assess whether a stock is over or under valued and is the most widely used valuation measure. Facebook PE ratio as of June 11, 2021 is 28.44 . Please refer to the Stock Price Adjustment Guide for more information on our historical prices Valuation Ratios. The trailing PE ratio is 28.17 and the forward PE ratio is 27.17. Facebook's PEG ratio is 1.10. PE Ratio. 28.17. Forward PE. 27.17. PS Ratio. 9.87 Facebook's EPS without NRI for the trailing twelve months (TTM) ended in Mar. 2021 was $11.69. Therefore, Facebook's PE Ratio without NRI for today is 28.44. During the past 11 years, Facebook's highest PE Ratio without NRI was 1586.00. The lowest was 16.51. And the median was 38.76. Facebook's EPS without NRI for the three months ended in Mar. 2021 was $3.30 Facebook (A1JWVX | US30303M1027): Überblick aller relevanten Fundamentalkennzahlen zum Unternehmen, wie z.B. Gewinn, Dividende, Cash-Flow und Umsatz

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Sehen Sie sämtliche wichtigen Statistiken für Facebook, Inc. (FB), darunter Bewertungen, Finanzdaten des Geschäftsjahres, Handelsvolumina und Aktienstatistiken Facebook [FB | WKN A1JWVX | ISIN US30303M1027] WKN A1JWVX ISIN US30303M1027. Börsenwert: 936,317 Mrd. $ Kurs: Sektor: Universum: USA 2000 (v) Ums.Wachs. 2J 24,08 % Ums.Wachs. TTM 28,69 % Div.20 0,00 % PEG Ratio TTM 0,46 Wachstums-Check 14/15. Wachstum (6/6) Im Vergleich zum Markt. Umsatzwachstum (TTM) 28,69 %: Ø Umsatzwachstum 2 Jahre: 24,08 %: Umsatzwachstum Quartal (ggü. Vorjahr) 47,55 %.

PS Ratio: 10.15 PEG Ratio: 0.4718 Price to Book Value: 7.035 Price to Free Cash Flow: 39.65 Price: 331.6 Facebook Inc. [FB | WKN A1JWVX | ISIN US30303M1027] WKN A1JWVX ISIN US30303M1027. Börsenwert: 937,008 Mrd. $ Kurs: Sektor: Universum: USA 2000 (v) Ums.Wachs. 2J 24,08 % Ums.Wachs. TTM 28,69 % Div.20 0,00 % PEG Ratio TTM 0,46 Wachstums-Check 13/15. Wachstum (6/6) Im Vergleich zum Markt. Umsatzwachstum (TTM) 28,69 %: Ø Umsatzwachstum 2 Jahre: 24,08 %: Umsatzwachstum Quartal (ggü. Vorjahr) 47. Das PEG-Ratio ist eine Aktienkennzahl, die als eine Art Erweiterung des KGVs verstanden werden kann. Das KGV setzt den aktuellen Aktienkurs ins Verhältnis zum Gewinn des Unternehmens, mit dem Ziel, eine Aussage über das aktuelle Bewertungsniveau treffen zu können; einfach ausgedrückt: ob die Aktie zu teuer oder zu günstig ist

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  1. Facebook has a trailing-twelve-months P/E of 28.44X compared to the Internet - Services industry's P/E of 28.37X. Price to Earnings Ratio or P/E is price / earnings. It is the most commonly used.
  2. PEG Ratio: FB is poor value based on its PEG Ratio (1.9x) Price to Book Ratio. PB vs Industry: FB is overvalued based on its PB Ratio (7.1x) compared to the US Interactive Media and Services industry average (3.6x). Future Growth. How is Facebook forecast to perform in the next 1 to 3 years based on estimates from 47 analysts? 15.1%. Forecasted annual earnings growth. Earnings and Revenue.
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  4. 11 หุ้นน่าลงทุน-สแกนด้วย PEG Ratio คลิก www.epahamalao.com/อิป้าซอกแซกข่าวหุ้น.

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  1. Genau hier setzt die sogenannte Price-Earnings-Growth-Ratio (PEG) an: Price-Earnings steht für das KGV, Growth für Wachstum. Bei dieser Kennzahl wird also das KGV ins Verhältnis zum.
  2. Unsere Top-Aktie für das Jahr 2021. Motley Fool Analysten geben starkes Kaufsignal
  3. The price/earnings to growth ratio also called the PEG ratio is a fundamental metric that can be used to broadly evaluate the value of a company. The PEG ratio is fairly similar to the price-to-earnings ratio but additionally takes the growth factor of the company's earnings into account
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จัดทัพหุ้นด้วย PEG Ratio PEG Ratio มาจาก Price to Earning Growth Rate คือการนำค่า P/E ratio หารด้วย Earning Growth rate (การเติบโตของกำไร%).. Due to the the poor 5-year forward PEG ratio of 2.16 a hold. 4. Facebook [TTM ROC (Joel Greenblatt) of 37.07% actual ROC.] Due to the still good 5-year forward PEG ratio of 1.72 a buy. 3. You can calculate the PEG ratio by taking the P/E ratio and dividing it by the projected or actual growth in earnings: PEG = Price to Earnings Ratio / (Projected or Actual) Earnings Growth For example, a stock with a P/E of 2 and projected earnings growth next year of 10% would have a PEG ratio of 20 (the P/E of 2 divided by the projected earnings growth percentage of 10 = 20) The PEG ratio (price/earnings to growth) is a useful stock valuation measure. It is calculated by dividing a stock's price-to-earnings (PE) ratio with the company's earnings growth.. If you are trying to determine if a company's stock is expensive, cheap or fairly valued, then this is one of the best ratios to look at, especially for companies that are growing

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  1. Box Wine, Facebook and PEG Ratios. February 18, 2012 at 9:39 pm 8 comments. I'm no wine connoisseur, but I do know I would pay more for a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne than I would pay for a container of Franzia box wine. In the world of stocks, the quality disparity is massive too. In order to navigate the virtually infinite number of stocks, we need to have an instrument in our toolbox.
  2. Using the example above, if a company has a PE a ratio of 20 and the growth rate of 20% its PEG ratio, which is calculated by dividing the PE multiple by the growth rate, is equal to 1. On the same note, if the company that was growing at 10% had a PE ratio of 10 it also would have a PEG ratio of 1, making it on par with the faster growing company in terms of relative value
  3. Find out all the key statistics for Facebook, Inc. (FB), including valuation measures, fiscal year financial statistics, trading record, share statistics and more
  4. The Drivers Module shows relationships between Facebook's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of Facebook over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Please check Investing Opportunities. Search Current Fundamental Trends: Facebook . Refresh. The current year Price to Sales Ratio is.
  5. FACEBOOK Bilanz - hier erhalten Sie ausführliche Bilanzinformationen zur FACEBOOK Aktie. Alle Informationen zu Umsatz, Gewinn, Dividende und GuV
  6. Facebook-Aktie vor Mega-Kaufsignal? Wann die Rallye startet. Kaufen Verkaufen WKN: A1JWVX ISIN: US30303M1027 Facebook Inc. 274,90 EUR-0,40 EUR-0,15 %. 08.06.2021 - 18:43 ..

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  1. PEG Ratio vs. P/E Ratio . The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio gives analysts a good fundamental indication of what investors are currently paying for a stock in relation to the company's earnings.
  2. The PEG ratio is also highly susceptible to large errors for fast growing companies. For example, a company growing in excess of 25% per year will be unable to sustain such a growth rate. Therefore you have to make assumptions in growth rates that are speculative. Again, the PEG ratio is only as good as its inputs. Useful or Obsolete Valuation Metric. Several decades ago, when Peter Lynch.
  3. P E Ratio For Facebook DOWNLOAD. Watch Trailer. Abou
  4. IntroductionLow PEG Ratio stocks can offer good values with reasonable growth prospects. This was one of the favorite metrics used by Peter Lynch of the Fidelity Magellan fund. When applied to the large cap stocks, this is likely to return us names that may be temporarily mis-valued. Although chances of finding great undervalued stocks this..
  5. The PEG Ratio is a concept, an evaluation metric that I've had many discussions with subscribers, individual investors, and even readers of a lot of my work, and it really strikes a chord with me. I will go over this in my video utilizing Facebook (FB), Campbell Soup (CPB), LKQ Corp (LKQ), 3M (MMM) and Southern Co (SO
  6. Using PEG, here is how these two companies would compare: Tech Stock PEG = (25 PE / 50% growth rate) = PEG of .5. Manufacturing Stock PEG = (10 PE / 10% growth rate) = PEG of 1.0. A value-oriented trader in this example might deem it reasonable to buy the tech stock despite its higher P/E because the tech company has a PEG ratio that is half.

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PEG = Price to Earnings Ratio / (Projected or Actual) Earnings Growth. For example, a stock with a P/E of 2 and projected earnings growth next year of 10% would have a PEG ratio of 20 (the P/E of 2 divided by the projected earnings growth percentage of 10 = 20). This is a very high PEG, signifying that the stock is very overvalued So the PEG ratio can be a useful tool for comparing companies in similar industries. For example, one company might have a p/e of 15, but expected earnings growth of 20%, giving it a PEG ratio of. The PEG ratio takes the value from the company's PE ratio, and then compares it to the company's earnings per share growth rate. So to calculate it, you first find the P/E ratio for a company. Facebook (WKN A1JWVX; ISIN: US30303M1027): Fundamental, Dividenden, GuV, Personal, Kurs-Gewinn-Verhältnis, KBV, KUV, Marktkapitalisierung und viele weitere Kennzahlen

The PEG ratio, which measures a stock's price-to-earnings to growth, can be a helpful tool when researching value stocks. The P/E ratio, which looks at a stock's price relative to trailing. Sehen Sie sämtliche wichtigen Statistiken für FACEBOOK INC.A DL-,000006 (FB2A.BE), darunter Bewertungen, Finanzdaten des Geschäftsjahres, Handelsvolumina und Aktienstatistiken A PEG ratio below one is said to mean a stock has been undervalued, thus a good buy, whereas a PEG ratio of more than one could infer a stock is overvalued and should be avoided. Therefore, investors who use the PEG ratio to look for stocks with a price to earnings ratio of greater or equal to a company's expected growth rate. Just because a company's PEG ratio is greater or lesser than.

value. Forecast 12 Month Forward PEG Ratio. 6.23. Investors are always looking for companies with good growth prospects selling at attractive prices. One popular statistic used to identify such. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Email. The PEG ratio, measures the price-to-earnings to growth of a stock. It is a very helpful tool for researching value stocks. It compares favourably to the popular P/E ratio as well. The P/E ratio compares the stock's price to trailing earnings, and is a generally helpful metric for assessing a company. Estimated future earnings are also good for stock. PEG <1 would be attractive and PEG > 1 will be expensive. Any companies that are > 2 should ideally be avoided as the future earning growth are likely priced in and less scope of stock price growth. Below graph shows my work out for Indus Ind bank. As you can see the PEG ratio has been consistently lower than 1. So a price target of 1000 for.

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Die PEG-Ratio setzt das Price-Earnings-Ratio einer Aktie mit dem erwarteten Gewinnwachstum je Aktien in Beziehung und gibt damit einen guten Anhaltspunkt, ob die Bewertung einer Aktie vernünftig ist. Type: Allgemein. « PE Börsenlexikon Liste Penny Stocks ». Drucken peg ratio || tcs और infosys में से कौन सा share खरीदूं || how to find undervalued stock - duration: 11:19. Where to Invest in Stock Market 3,445 views 11:1

PEG Ratio น้อยกว่า 1 หมายความว่า ค่า P/E ต่ำกว่าการอัตราการเติบโตของกำไรต่อหุ้น. ซึ่งตามปกติ ค่า PEG Ratio ที่ดีควรจะต่ำกว่า 1 เท่า เพราะค่า PEG Ratio ที่ต่ำกว่า 1. PEG ratio is a useful and easy way to calculate a basic number. However, its true meaning isn't unlocked until you use it for comparison purposes. Like pretty much anything that has to do with stocks, the number can only serve as a guide. After all, if making a simple calculation based on publicly available information was all it took to figure out which stocks to buy, everyone would be a s The P/E to Growth ratio (PEG) considers a stock's P/E ratio and the growth rate of its earnings for a specific period. The PEG ratio enhances the P/E ratio by considering any estimated growth in a company's income. It is one of the limitations of the P/E ratio, which the PEG ratio addresses. Through the PEG ratio, investors can get valuable insights into a stock's level of valuation Golden Ratio Cycling. 21 likes. Cycling Club. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Business. Home. Posts. Reviews. Videos. Photos. About. Community. See more of Golden Ratio Cycling on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Golden Ratio Cycling on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Golden Ratio. Facebook PE 3093 vs Median PE 5265 Facebook is underpriced Company PE Ratio. Facebook pe 3093 vs median pe 5265 facebook is. School Hang Seng Management College; Course Title FIN MISC; Uploaded By lyk412525. Pages 25 This preview shows page 6 - 14 out of 25 pages..

The PEG ratio doesn't suggest how long the 50% growth rate will persist or what the growth rate is likely to be 5 or 10 years from now. Also, when compared with more detailed discounted cash flow analyses, the PEG ratio tends to undervalue companies with extremely high, almost exponential growth rates—such as those above 100%. So, like most other valuation metrics in finance, the PEG ratio. Poul Schluter, the Danish prime minister who ended an era of currency devaluations by introducing a krone peg, has died. He was 92. Schluter died early on Thursday, the Conservative Party he once. PEG Ratio - By Prof. Simply Simple The PEG Ratio or 'Price Earnings to Growth' Ratio determines a stock's value while taking into account future earnings grow Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising This is known as the PEG or P/E-to-Growth ratio. Sharp investors are looking for a ratio well below 1. In this example, the stock would have had a PSR of .5 (10/20). Return on Equity: Start at 20% as the minimum and see who qualifies. The return on equity tells you how much your invested rupee is earning from the company. The higher the number, the better your investment should do. Debt-to.

Die Kennzahl Price-Earning to Growth-Ratio (PEG) setzt das KGV eines Geschäftsjahres in Relation zum erwarteten Gewinnwachstum im kommenden Geschäftsjahr. 2022e 2021e 2020 2019; Ergebnis je. Sehen Sie sämtliche wichtigen Statistiken für FACEBOOK (FB-U.TI), darunter Bewertungen, Finanzdaten des Geschäftsjahres, Handelsvolumina und Aktienstatistiken FACEBOOK AKTIE (ISIN: US30303M1027): Realtime-Kurs der Facebook Aktie, Dividenden-Rendite und Termine, aktuelle Nachrichten ⇒ Die nächsten Kursziele

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Kursziel Facebook. Auf dieser Seite erhalten Sie eine Übersicht über die aktuellen Analysen und Kursziele für die Facebook-Aktie. Das durchschnittliche Facebook-Kursziel aus 7 Analysen. Die Price earnings ratio berechnen wir dann mit Aktienkurs nach Rückkauf mal neue Aktienanzahl geteilt durch Periodenüberschuss minus Fremdkapitalrentabilität mal Nominalwert des Fremdkapitals. In Zahlen: 5 mal 38 geteilt durch 16 minus 0,1 mal 10. Das Ergebnis ist 12,6 Periode. Durch den Rückkauf hat sich also der Preis von 12,5 auf 12,6 für eine Einheit Gewinn erhöht PEG Ratio = Price to Earnings Ratio / Growth Rate. The growth rate is calculated based on historic data. Analysts could use as much data as they feel is comfortable without losing the current trend of earnings of the company in question. This growth rate is usually expected as a percentage out of 100. For example, if a company has a growth rate. Facebook | Line | Youtube เบื้องต้นหากสนใจลงทุนควรเลือกหุ้นที่มี PEG Ratio ระดับ 0 - 0.90 เท่า . เพื่อความสบายใจในการลงทุน อาจใช้อัตราปันผลตอบแทน (Dividend Yield) ประกอบด้วย. peg 1. Informal a person's leg 2. Northern English dialect a tooth 3. Brit a small drink of wine or spirits, esp of brandy or whisky and soda 4. a mountaineering piton 5. Croquet a post that a player's ball must strike to win the game 6. Angling a fishing station allotted to an angler in a competition, marked by a peg in the ground Collins Discovery.

Definition of Price/earnings-to-growth ratio in the Medical Dictionary by The Free Dictionar A low PEG ratio highlights undervalued opportunities, no matter what the P/E ratio is. A high PEG ratio warns of overvaluation. Applying this idea, for a stock growing earnings at 10%, the P/E ratio should be 10. When earnings growth is 40%, the P/E ratio should be 40. This stock's a buy even if the P/E ratio is 39 Peg Higgins, age 59, Anderson, SC 29621 View Full Report Known Locations: Anderson SC, 29621, Woodstock GA 30189, Acworth GA 30101 Possible Relatives: Bradley L Harmon, Harry L Harmon, Hope H Harmo The PEG ratio is easy enough to calculate -- simply divide the P/E ratio by the company's expected earnings growth rate. In general, a PEG ratio of less than 1 is considered to be indicative of an. Using this ratio we can estimate: ICO has a PE of 72.3 and expected growth of 77% per year. The PEG ratio is 0.94. CMTL has a PE of 11.04 and future growth expectations of 35% annually. The PEG ratio is 0.32. SIRI has a PE of 166 and future growth expectations of 30% annually. The PEG ratio is 5.53

The PEG ratio is a variation on P/E that provides more comprehensive information by taking account of the connection between P/E and the growth in earnings. A low PEG (under 1) indicates that the. FINC 330 project part 2 ratios_fixed - Twitter Year Price\/Earnings Ratio Price\/Book Ratio PEG Ratio 0 2.54 0 3.71 21.29 3.4 2016 2017 2018 Facebook Macroaxis, San Francisco, California. 9,768 likes · 5 talking about this. Macroaxis is a sophisticated, yet simple to use personalized investment management service. Its beauty is in its simplicity..

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At first glance, ALI's P/E ratio at 20.9x will look more expensive than AGI's P/E ratio at 11.7x, but if you consider ALI's growth of 15.5 percent according to market consensus as compared to AGI's expected growth of 5.9 percent, ALI emerges as relatively cheaper with lower PEG ratio of 1.35x as against AGI's PEG ratio of 2.0x The PEG ratio and other valuation multiples. A rule of thumb is that the PE ratio should be roughly equal to the growth in earnings or dividends. In other words, the ratio of the PE ratio to growth in earnings, which is called the PEG ratio, should be close to 1. The PE ratio for gender model stock is currently five 퐄퐕 / 퐄퐁퐈퐓퐃퐀 퐌퐨퐝퐞퐥 Just like the P/E ratio (price-to-earnings), the lower the EV/EBITDA, the cheaper the valuation for a company. Although the P/E ratio is typically used as the go-to-valuation tool, there are benefits to using the P/E ratio along with the EV/EBITDA. Companies that have both low valuations using P/E and EV/EBITDA and solid dividend growth

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The source of the divine inspiration was Peg Leg Porker's barbecue sauce, in which founder Carey Bringle has discovered the perfect ratio of tangy to sweet. He opened the BBQ joint in 2013 (he. The company possesses a Growth Score of B. AutoNation, Inc. PEG Ratio (TTM) AutoNation, Inc. peg-ratio-ttm | AutoNation, Inc. QuoteFacebook, Inc. (FB):... Did people think Covid-19 was made up? Terengganu Health chief asks as Raya clusters hit stat Calculate the price earnings ratio, PEG ratio, dividend rate, and dividend payout ratio for each of the following companies. Will each ratio consistently rank the companies from best to worst performer? Corporations Earnings per share Dividends per share Market price per share Average annual increase in earnings Andrews Corporation $2.50 $0.00 $25.00 5% Borger Corporation $1.00 $1.00 $ 18. Facebook shares (FB) are listed on the NASDAQ and all prices are listed in US Dollars. Facebook employs 60,654 staff and has a trailing 12-month revenue of around USD$94.4 billion. Sponsored For Beginners Choice Sponsored For Low-cost Trading Sponsored For Overall Broker Our 'sponsored' products are presented as a result of a commercial advertising arrangement or to highlight a particular.

How do i share a saved video to a group on facebook Facebook Facebook's Live Videos tend to see higher levels of engagement than pre-recorded videos and now Facebook is aiming to bring more of that interaction to any video with Watch Party. After testing began on January 17 with a small group of users, Facebook officially launched Watch Party worldwide on Wednesday, July 25. Watch Party. Facebook; Google+; GitHub; WordPress.com; Using the Price-to-Earnings Ratio and PEG to Assess a Stock. Learn how the price-to-earnings ratio and the PEG combined are used to assess a stock's future growth. from rss_headline https://ift.tt/2rouHmH. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related . Author ciaradoyleonline Posted on March 17, 2020 Tags rss_headline. Leave a. A PEG ratio less than 1 suggests that the stock of the company is undervalued (typical of value stocks), whereas a PEG ratio greater than 1 suggests the stock is overvalued (typical of growth stocks). The accompanying table shows a portion of PEG ratios of companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average; the entire data set, labeled DOW_PEG, can be found on the text website

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This might be a testament to the soft power of the 2.3M-strong Facebook group. This article, Is Home... Police investigating incident in which racist remarks were made to interracial couple Straits Times · 12 hours ago. The police are investigating an incident in which a Chinese man was caught on camera making racist... Google to change global advertising practices in landmark antitrust deal. Photo about PEG - Price to Earnings Growth ratio acronym with marker, business concept background. Image of company, equal, investing - 19944345 Self-Assembly of siRNA/PEG-b-Catiomer at Integer Molar Ratio into 100 nm-Sized Vesicular Polyion Complexes (siRNAsomes) for RNAi and Codelivery of Cargo Macromolecules. Beob Soo Kim . Beob Soo Kim. Department of Materials Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan. Center for Theragnosis, Biomedical Research Institute. The lower the PEG ratio the more then stock may be undervalued. The higher PEG ratio stock is less able to justify its P/E ratio relative to its implied growth rate. A broad rule of thumb is a PEG ratio less than one is desirable S&p 500 peg ratio:sprintnextelstockprice четверг, 15 марта 2012 г. Bangladesh says first human case of H5N1 bird flu has been found . Bangladesh's Health Ministry says the nation's first human case of H5N1 strain of bird flu infection has been detected. A health ministry statement says a child was infected by the virus in January. The statement released by the Directorate General

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Golden Ratio Cycling. २१ जनाले मन पराउनुभयो · १ जनाले यसको बारेमा कुरागर्दै छन्. Cycling Clu Zimbabwe's government, which banned use of the dollar nine months ago, has restored the peg its currency had to the greenback due to a scarcity of foreign exchange

PEG currently public float of 503.92M and currently shorts hold a 0.93% ratio of that float. Today, the average trading volume of PEG was 2.03M shares. PEG's Market Performance. PEG stocks went up by 1.59% for the week, with a monthly drop of -0.50% and a quarterly performance of 5.91%, while its annual performance rate touched 24.40%. The. Macrophages are desirable targets for gene therapy of cancer and other diseases. Cationic diblock copolymers of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and poly-L-lysine (PLL) or poly{N-[N-(2-aminoethyl)-2-aminoethyl]aspartamide} (pAsp(DET)) are synthesized and used.

MyHealthChecked plc Share Price (MHC) Ord 0Examples price to sales ratios per p bv p cf

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