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The So you Start experts will answer you Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Call 1 844 768 7827 New customer. Do you need advice on choosing a server? Do you want more information about our products? The So you Start experts will answer you Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Call +353 (0) 1 513 86 47 Den Support kontaktieren. Die So you Start Server erhalten technischen Support von OVHcloud Support home ; Dashboard ; Game servers ; DediConnect ; RconConnect ; Integration mod ; Contact; Contact; SoYouStart (SYS) machines . Quick setup guides for SYS machines. Ordering a SoYouStart dedicated server; Prepare your SoYouStart Linux server; Configure SoYouStart GAME firewall; Prepare your SoYouStart Windows server; Allow access to your Windows Server 2019 machine; Toggle Search.

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Home › Reviews › SoYouStart: Bad support. New on LowEndTalk? Please Register and read our Community Rules. SoYouStart: Bad support. bsh Member. February 27 in Reviews. Hello,. Support Anfrage SoYouStart - SANDBOX servers for 1 week (and only one!) Proxmox KVM; E3-SSD-3 in SBG gesucht. SoYouStart E3-SAT-2 Proxmox Festplatten Leistung; SYS-IP-5 vs. E3-SSD-3; Mainboard getauscht, Grub zerschossen; 3 SSDs mit einem RAID 5 bei So you Start E3-SSD-3; Begrenzung von RAID-Level für Root- und Boot-Verzeichnis aufhebe SoYouStart is SELF MANAGEMENT which means do not expect support chatting with you whenever you want. It is cheaper than OVH for this reason, you get the hardware and take care of it, do not rely on support. If you are an experienced dedicated machine admin go for it, do not overpay at OVH for features like support which you won't need, if you are new to this go for OVH because support doesn't exist in here SoyouStart is the economic brand of OVH SoyouStart servers are hosted in ovh datacenter, which will have support and infrastructure of OVH at low prices. If you are looking for prices SoyouStart is the best option If you are looking for OVH performance is the best option Blessing

*Popcorn bereit leg* http://soyoustart.com/ die neue Billigmarke von OVH soll in 25 Minuten online gehen. Mal sehen was so kommt : 1 Year free support & updates included but not in modified code. Additional years support and updates will be $59.00/year. No license verification. Code sharing is not allowed except within your organization Ordering a server with dedicated server provider SoYouStart is very easy and takes only a few minutes. To keep things easy, here are 2 links. Both go to the same page, but display different currencies: We will use the Euro website in our examples. There are 3 different sizes: GAME-1, GAME-2 and GAME-3. The main difference between these servers.

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Support, DDoS Protection und Zuverlässigkeit nicht vorhanden Ich bin (noch) Kunde seit 2013 jedoch musste ich in den letzten 1-2 Jahren feststellen, dass OVH/SoYouStart einige Probleme hat: - Support Ich habe am 13.03.2021 ein Ticket eröffnet und habe bis Heute keine Antwort erhalten. Vor dem Zwischenfall in Straßburg war es nicht besser - auf die erste Antwort musste ich meist über eine Woche warten We are using kimsufi server which is same as soyoustart so a ovh brand but lower prices and i have to say that we have two sites with high traffic runned in 10€ month dedicated and are really running smoothly. Also a website and server optimisation will make things great. You can use best dedicated server in the marketplace and superfast if you don't optimise your server and website its. Support. Changelog. OVH/ SoYouStart/Kimsufi Servers Automation for WHMCS will allow you to manage their servers within your WHMCS. Using our module you and your end user can manage their Servers flawless and ease of use interface Dann gibts die soyoustart Server, die bei 40 € anfangen, plus 60 € Einrichtungsgebühr (Meinetwegen auch ok), und dann der allergrößte Schwachsinn: kimsufi. Kimsufi hat die schönen dedizierten Server von vorher, alles ist gut, sie sind preiswert und man kann sich die Dinger auch für kleine Projekte super leisten Stabile Performance zum günstigen Preis für Ihre ersten Schritte in der Public Cloud. Garantierte Zuverlässigkeit für Test- und Entwicklungsumgebungen. Jetzt entdecken. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Neue Reihe: High Grade Server. Erleben Sie die stärksten OVHcloud Dedicated Server, optimiert für kritische Anwendungen

For more information on opening a support ticket, please check out our How to Contact OVH US Support article. Warning: Do not interact with the server through the web interface (detailed below) and SSH at the same time. For example, never check the disks on the web interface while mounting the partitions via SSH. This may result in the loss of data. Conclusion. Rescue Mode is an important tool. Supported Operating Systems (OS) Currently you can use Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux) and Windows Server 2019 Standard. Other systems are not supported. What dedicated machines do you recommend? You can choose any dedicated machine provider outside OVH, SoYouStart or Hetzner. You can find a list of the recommended servers here in our Supported provider article. If you have a machine hosted somewhere. Overview. OVH is the worlds famous hosting service provider and we are happy to announce that we have created an module called OVH Servers Automation module i.e if you are a reseller/user of OVH then using this module your customer's can able to manage their Servers from your WHMCS panel. The module is developed based on OVH/ Kimsufi/ SoYouStart.

Thin wrapper around OVH's APIs. Handles all the hard work including credential creation and requests signing. - ovh/python-ov The cheapest option is to expand with another RAID-Z2 consisting of four drives (minimum size of a RAID-Z2 VDEV). With a cost of $150 per hard drive 3, expanding the capacity of your pool will cost you $600 instead of $150 (single drive) and $300 dollar of the $600 (50%) is wasted on redundancy you don't really need So I just bought a dedicated server from soyoustart but it says the payment is pending? What do I do? People say that you need some type of.. I am renting a SoYouStart server and it has awesome peering to my country (Costa Rica). Tried Online.net, but route to them is awful and drop packets in the middle (With Tata). Before moving any important file I am worry about something. How is OVH/SYS hardware support? I don't need help with software or anything like that. If I ever need their.

28-02-2015, 00:19. Hello, I'm new to soyoustart and i have one question. What is the average response time for tech support ? I'm asking because i had 2 questions for tech support and i get response after 20 - 22 hours. And this is very bad if i was in a urgent situation 20 - 22 hours of down time is to much time, i will lose all my customer Discover the features offered by OVH API. Drive your products, automate tasks, integrate the API in your own developments SoYouStart Dashboard Manager CentOS 6.5 64 bit setup with distro's Kernel Selecting linux distribution via SoYouStart manager, chose CentOS 6.5 64bit Proceed with CentOS 6.5 disk setup for SoYouStart server. I discarded their default partitioning for my own with EXT4 partition Hi, I made soyoustart account, but cant place order. I have something like Customer account not valid When I tried to create support thicket from account I get this one Thanks in advance. OVHcloud Community. Welcome to your community space. Ask questions, search for information, post content, and interact with other OVHcloud Community members. Problem placing order in soyoustart. Cloud. Soyoustart's support is just as basic as Kimsufi's is. If you want a better support you have to choose the OVH range. Even that one sometimes is too bad to believe in my opinion. RackService.org - Dedicated / VPS / Game Server and Web Hosting Locations: France / Germany / Italy / USA Live Chat & Unbeatable Support! BillEssley Well-known member. Joined Feb 19, 2013 Messages 359 Points 28. Mar.

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Supporter. Soyoustart does not good DDoS pro, it's not 24/7 and sometimes takes 10 mins to kick in. SoYouStart offers the same level of mitigation, but it is not permanent and can take anywhere from seconds to minutes to kick in. For me, its generally seconds. (<30). GeorgeHousley123's post was spot on. PlayerServers » Give players customized on-demand servers via your BungeeCord. soyoustart review. Servers and Datacenters are an essential need for most businesses today. Not only businesses require to have personal or dedicated servers, but they are being used for a wide range of applications, including hosting the websites, gaming servers and multiple other projects as well that require more computing power and storage space that is fast and efficient at the same time Get in touch with our Customer care executive for any concern related to our products or any custom WHMCS development requirement. We are here to help you 24*7 SoYouStart - Customer account not valid. Cloud. Dedicated Servers. RazvanR 2018-11-06 20:10:39 UTC #1. Hello, I've recently created a SYS account and I'm still getting this when trying to make an order: Customer account not valid. Please note that I'm already a long-time verified (VIP Support) client at OVH, but the SYS account is new

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On SoYouStart I want to buy a dedi to run my minecraft server through so I don't know if I buy a game server or storage server please tell me and if.. Module version: auto Publisher/Licence: Eric Seigne / AGPL User interface language: English Help/Support: None / Forum www.dolibarr.org / Mail to [email protected] Prerequisites: Dolibarr min version: auto Dolibarr max version: auto Install: Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com; Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr A new version V5.0.0 of our WHMCS OVH, SYS & Kimsufi VPS/Dedicated Server Reseller and Server Management Module is coming soon. It will come up with a lot of new and attractive features. Now OVH users can fully automate the server provisioning. Admin Features: Resell Ovh, So You Start And Kim.. Tag: soyoustart. Page 1 of 2 1 2. Jump to page: Search: Search took 0.00 seconds. SoYouStart's obnosxious and incredibly incompetent staff [ words can barely describe ] Started by superpowers, 01-04-2021 09:55 AM. Replies: 3; Views: 458; Last Post By: Last Post: 01-05-2021 03:29 PM by superpowers . Forum: Dedicated Server. SoYouStart vs OVH DDoS protection. Started by Floodmachine, 10-01-2020. Thin wrapper around OVH's APIs. Handles all the hard work including credential creation and requests signing - ovh/csharp-ov

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  1. April 2019 edited April 2019 in Offers. Hello. We launched today a 2 weeks offer which give you free setup fees (value 20-50€ ex.VAT) on a selection of SoyouStart essential servers (FR / CA datacenters) Servers concerned begins at 39,99€ / 47.99$ ex.VAT/months, they are tagged in the server list. Offer applied only at the very last step of.
  2. Details Our Standard and SoYouStart support might not be available for customers calling us from local Orange operator. Incident has been escalated to our local provider and we are waiting reestablishment ETA. As a work-around we remain available through other channels, and back-up numbers have been put in place : Standard +48717079123, SoYouStart +48717079091
  3. Shop with Soyoustart Coupon Codes and Promos. sashstudio.com offers a diverse selection of promo and deals for online shopping. Don't pay more than you have to with this amazing coupon code from Soyoustart, you can save up to 40% on thousands of products. All Soyoustart Coupons are 100% working. 29 discounts for you to choose from. It is a.
  4. So you guys have tempted me with all this SoYouStart talk, so managed to order one for myself to play with SoYouStart - 32G E3-1245v2 SoftRaid 3x120GB..
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« SoYouStart und IPv6. Bestehende Postfächer auf Uberspace abrufen » SoYouStart and IPv6. Von Robert | 29. Juni 2015 - 11:00 | 2. März 2019 Administration, Allgemein, Linux. Some month ago I switched from Kimsufi to SoYouStart and for the first time I used my /64 IPv4 subnet. On my server only the loopback interface was configured but I heard that in some cases deployed servers had at. OVH/ SoYouStart/Kimsufi Servers Automation for WHMCS will allow you to manage their servers within your WHMCS. Using our module you and your end user can manage their Servers flawless and ease of use interface I have been using SoYouStart module from past 1 year now. Its been pleasure using it. I have been in touch with the development team as well occasionally if I need any kind of support. Mostly due to updates from WHMCS and support is wonderful most of the time. So Overall experience is excellent and I will recommend this for every service provider

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This server supports weak Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange parameters. debian: 2016-04-11: 0000-00-00: 3.460: Netzwerkkartenbündelung unter Debian Jessie einrichten: debian: 2016-01-30: 0000-00-00: 3.457: Garrys Mod cannot open shared object file: debian: 2016-01-13: 0000-00-00: 3.440: Installation von Active Directory Federation Services. We, at WGS, provides the perfect blend of innovation and technological expertise that will help you to achieve your business goals. Our deep knowledge of the WHMCS platform, as well as the custom development options, enables us to deliver optimized and secured solutions for the betterment of your WHMCS project Da erscheint die Aussage in der Review über zu hohe Soyoustart-Preise doch direkt in einem anderen Licht. Außerdem: Mecker nicht über die fehlende USt-ID. Ist doch egal, in dem Impressum steht ja noch nicht einmal sein Name . debianfan . 14.04.15, 12:57 Wegen hohen Anfragen werden derzeit keine neuen Bestellungen mehr angenommen! Sehr vertrauenerweckend ;-) Tibain. 12.04.15, 12:51. Un-authenticated calls. If the user has not authenticated yet (ie, there is no valid Consumer Key), you may force python-ovh to issue the call by passing _need_auth=True to the high level get(), post(), put() and delete() helpers or need_auth=True to the low level method Client.call() and Client.raw_call().. This is needed when calling POST /auth/credential and GET /auth/time which are used.

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Just signed up and now have running a server from SoYouStart. Simple id process was quick and simple and the server load and first run have been great. Total time up is currently at 14 minutes System is an E3-SSD3, Intel Xeon E3 1245v2, 32 GB Ram plus 3 x 120 GB SSD - USD 55 p/mth plus USD14 per month for 6 months paying off the setup fee. After that it will be cheaper than the old server I. A comprehensive range of web hosting servers. Dedicated servers are a perfect solution for hosting your projects, when shared hosting plans no longer deliver enough power. You get total flexibility in terms of how you manage your server, so you can adapt it to suit your needs. The Hosting range offers balanced configurations for web hosting Dedicated Server lieferbar in 120 Sekunden ohne Installationskosten. SSD-Festplatten, 256 IP ohne monatliche Kosten, Anti-DDoS und das private Netzwerk vRack Garantierte Zuverlässigkeit für Test- und Entwicklungsumgebungen. Jetzt entdecken. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Neue Reihe: High Grade Server. Erleben Sie die stärksten OVHcloud Dedicated Server, optimiert für kritische Anwendungen. Hochverfügbar (99,99 % SLA) und garantierte private Bandbreite bis zu 50 Gbit/s. Mehr erfahren

Günstig aber kein Support. Kein Support über Tage hinweg. Mein Minecraft Serverkonstrukt läuft mit zahlenden Kunden. Server hat alle paar Minuten ein timeout für 3-6 Sekunden. Das ist ein nogo für realtime Anwendungen. Leider bekomme ich keine Antwort auf ein Ticket. Hatte 3 Server dort die ich nun allesamt auslaufen lasse. Sowas habe ich. Just 1 IP Port 100 Mbps.Lack of technical support. Soyoustart Hardware medium. ip has 16 one-time payment of 128 monthly payment.Has technical support in case of hardware failure. Online Labs Company 90% discount Shared hosting : hosting-90off. 1 Chris Worner Well-known member. Joined Apr 15, 2016 Messages 560 Points 28. Mar 19, 2020 #17 Chris Worner. I don't worry about ip, because I am just. If you have a serious issue, I had their SoYouStart Game-4790k server in BHS, I shut mine off and couldn't powercycle it back on, I was able to call the OVH support phone number and they still helped me out, I did state that I have an OVH account as well so maybe that's why they helped me out with a SoYouStart server but yeah, that's also something you can try although they have no obligation.


HEBERGEMENT OVH INC. 800-625 av. du Président Kennedy - Montréal (Québec) - H3A1K2 - Canada. 201623833 ID Project Task Type Category Summary Opened Status Last Edited ; 51437: Network and racks: Maintenance: RBX-4: vss-5a/b-6k: 2021-06-17, 21:18: In progress: 2021-06-17, 21:1 a server from soyoustart (it already come with public address ip 300.165.252.73, fake address for sake of example) a failover ip associated with a mac address (it can be created on the UI, in our case the ip address p is and MAC @ is 02:00:00:7b:22:80) How to proceed. in my case i choose to install ubuntu 20.04 on my server, i tried to install vmwareEsx and proxmox to try them. Share your experience of the order of the servers in SoYouStart.com. Other; Shana asked September 27th 19 at 03:16. Related questions. 1 How to configure vlan's on the juniper switches? 3 What have router with two WAN? 3 How to remove the label next to the title of Google search results? 4 Something to read for php senior developer? 1 Is there a Registrar of Ukrainian domain names, do not give. How many stars would you give Soyoustart? Join the 50 people who've already contributed. Your experience matters

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Überprüfen Sie, ob soyoustart.com ein Betrug Website oder eine sichere Website ist. Ermitteln Sie, ob soyoustart.com ist ein Betrug, betrügerische oder infiziert mit Malware, Phishing, Betrug und Spam, wenn Sie Aktivität habe Ich habe vor einigen Monaten meine Infrastruktur von Kimsufi zu SoYouStart umgezogen und dort erstmals mein verfügbares IPv6 /64 Subnet näher in Augenschein genommen. Zumindest bei meinem Server, war IPv6 nicht weiter konfiguriert als die Loopback Adresse fe80:: aber angeblich soll es auch Deployments mit mindestens einer gekonften IPv6 Adresse geben Hallo ,gibts ein tutorial für Kimsufi oder Soyoustart (hab beides) wie ich en Metin2 Pserver installieren kann? Habe eins genommen für freebsd 9.4 64bit aber hat nich geklappt. Fehler beim verbinden mit dem Server PUSH What type of hosting are you looking for? Dedicated What is your monthly budget? $100 Do you mind setup fees? Yes, hate them. How much memory will..

OVH api support OVH, kimsufi, soyoustart and runabove. Advanced Usage 1. Create application key, secret and consumer 2. Profite! Security How-to-use-lexicon-DNS-API lexicon is a python tool for a number of dns providers. Examples: 1. Using lexicon cloudflare api: 2. Using lexicon namesilo api: 3. Using lexicon TransIP api: How-to-use-on-Solaris-based-operating-sytsems 1. get acme.sh 2. Make. Cloud Servers Intel Xeon Gold 6254 3.1 GHz CPU, SLA 99,9%, 100 Mbps channel from 4 EUR/month Try. Configuration via ifupdown has been replaced by netplan. Configuration via/etc/netplan. If you want to go back to ifupdown configure via command Hallo, ich würde gerne meine primäre E-Mail Adresse, mit welcher ich mich im Kundencenter anmelde, ändern, da die Domain, über die die E-Mail Adresse läuft, gekündigt wurde und ich dementsprechend ab Anfang nächsten Jahres eine andere nutzen möchte

OVHcloud Partner Program A program for our partners, based on our cloud solutions OVHcloud Startup Program A support program for startups and scaleups to accelerate their growth. Open Trusted Cloud Program This program is aimed at software publishers, as well as SaaS and PaaS solution providers. Quick Access . Sign up to the Partner Program Sign up to the Startup Program. About. About. Who we. Kimsufi. Affordable Kimsufi servers are perfect for getting started on the web. Move from theory to practice with a server that will support you throughout university and beyond. Discover the role of a SysAdmin and enhance your skills. Host a personal or community website or applications on your own platform @ovh_support_fr @soyoustart Bonjour, commande tjr en attente depuis hier je n'ai pas de news j'ai contacté 2 fois le support au téléphone ce matin mais je n'ai pas de news merci de m'aider ! (Soyoustart) 1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. 1. Retweet. Retweeted. Like. Liked. OVHcloud Support FR ‏ Verified account @ovh_support_fr 9h 9 hours ago. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Solution to the problem of having SSL support in Icecast on Armbian. Apparently in Ubuntu the icecast2 package is not compiled with ssl support, so we have to recompile it ourselves. I will share my notes here, for posterity and for my future reference in the case I need it. I will assume that you already have ispConfig installed in your armbian (OrangePi Pc2 in my case), that you have a fixed. ou pay 40 € to have a server not at all optimized (8 TPS) for 50 players (on a GAME 3 SoYouStart). There is a lot of economic glitch, duplication problem with the auction house, I had to spend hours testing everything with upstream players, something I would have liked the creator of the setup to do for this price the. The support is good, it responds quickly but does not provide any real.

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Support Centmin Mod Donate. Donate. About Centmin Mod Centmin Mod Nginx auto installer installs Nginx (ngx_pagespeed + SPDY), PHP-FPM & MariaDB on CentOS. For more details read the official FAQ. Centmin Mod User Survey. Centmin Mod Bug Reports. Centmin Mod .08 how to install. Centmin Mod Nginx https SSL . How to install Centmin Mod Videos. Getting Started Guide. How to troubleshoot initial. Compile vim with ruby support, install command-t to it. an article about how i compiled vim with ruby support and adding command-t to it . History: i like to test, tweak and customize thing to feet my need, one of this thing is vim, i can't even describe how much this editor is great and how much it's helpful, simply it's stupid not use it (or at least something similar, emacs maybe) VIM. Both yours and support team links are very helpful! appreciated Kirk!!! Regards! Reply ↓ Kirk Schnable on September 21, 2015 at 10:22 AM said: Glad to hear you got it working! Reply ↓ AutoJukebox on October 9, 2015 at 9:24 PM said: My interfaces file has lo instead of eth0.. What do i do? Reply ↓ Kirk Schnable on October 10, 2015 at 2:11 AM said: Hello, lo is an interface on every. Cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. As soon as you click payment by credit/debit card available on your order, you will be automatically directed to the secure payment space of our financial partner. You have two possibilities to pay by credit/debit card: via your order by clicking payment by credit/debit card Citrix Hypervisor is the leading open source virtualization platform, powered by the Xen Project hypervisor and the XAPI toolstack. It is used in the world's largest clouds and enterprises. Technical support for Citrix Hypervisor is available from Citrix. Resources

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Showing 41 to 60 of 1387 apps and integrations. Coinify Gateway Module allow you to integrate Coinify payment solutions with the WHMCS platform. Accepting Bitcoin Cash via Prompt.Cash - No fees, No chargebacks, and no extra software needed. The module gives you the ability to resell Axxess services directly from your WHMCS installation SSH Access for Linux, Enable in Plesk 10. WHM & cPanel. Plesk. Plesk 10 allows you to enable SSH for the main FTP user of each domain. This will work with Linux server plans, but does not work for Windows server plans. Log into the Plesk Control Panel for your domain. From the Home page, click on Websites & Domains. Next, click on FTP Access I have however been using OVH's SoYouStart range (not Kimsufi) a lot more lately and they now have DDoS protection and a good selection of servers with so little issues. I rarely need to contact their support, but when I do it is usually a 12-24 hour response per ticket. Seeing as Kimsufi's and SoYouStart's support are both managed by OVH I will assume that this is the same for all ranges. If.

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Storage: 2 x 4 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID. Included. 2 x 500 GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID. Included. 2 x 1 TB SSD NVMe Soft RAID. £20.20 ex. VAT/month. 2 x 500 GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID + 2 x 4 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID. £25.25 ex. VAT/month Die Arbeiten sind nun abgeschlossen und das neue Rescue-System ist für alle Server von OVH, SoYouStart und Kimsufi aktiviert. Die Neuerungen im Überblick: - schnellerer Start - basiert auf Debian 8 (Jessie) mit systemd v215 - 64 Bit (32-Bit-kompatibel) - große Auswahl an Tools für Diagnose und Datenwiederherstellung - Systemanpassungen im Live-Modus möglich dank AUFS. Bei OVH/Soyoustart kann es sein, dass die vmbr schon vorhanden ist, dann müsst ihr nichts tun. Beim Anlegen muss als Name vmbr1 eingetragen werden und der Haken bei Autostart gesetzt werden. Die vmbr steht erst nach dem Neustart des Blechs zu Verfügung, daher in der Ecke oben rechts Restart auswählen OVH RSS Feed. RSS for: Support ID Task Type Category Summary Status Last Edited Progres Wissensdatenbank, Problemlösungen und AnleitungenLinux Debian Installation über OVH SoYouStart und Kimsufi Rescuesyste

Hamachi bringt nix bzw geht glaub ich nicht mehr weil wir haben es auch versucht,du kannst aber auf deine ip zugreifen (kannst aber nur du drauf connecten) amsonsten würde ich dir empfehlen ein Root zu kaufen, also kann dir aber sagen wenn du ein mit windows 2008 R2 haben willst solltest du bei servdiscount.com ein holen weil ovh/soyoustart gibt kein win 2008 mehr raus und webtropia. Baar, Schweiz, 9. Juni 2015 - Veeam® Software, innovativer Anbieter von Lösungen für die Verfügbarkeit moderner Rechenzentren, wird seine Backup-Lösung Veeam Cloud Connect um Funktionen für die Image-basierte Replizierung virtueller Maschinen (VMs) erweitern.Diese Verbesserung ist Teil der neuen Veeam Availability Suite™ v9, die noch in diesem Jahr verfügbar sein wird Hello World, In a previous post, I presented to you an interesting Open Source virtualization solution called Proxmox VE. Using this software, you can have a Virtual infrastructure up and running within an hour. The solution was designed with the idea that with only 2 servers (and no SAN infrastructure), you should be able to have a high available system

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Das neue SoyouStart-Angebot im Überblick: Xeon-149,99 Euro/Monat: Xeon-261,99 Euro/Monat: Avoton (Beta)In Vorbereitung: Standort: Frankreich: Frankreich: Frankreich: Cores/Threads: 4 Cores/8 Threats: 4 Cores/8 Threats: 8 Cores/8 Threats : Taktfrequenz: 3.4 GHz+: 3.4 GHz+: 2.4 GHz: RAM: 32 GB DDR3: 32 GB DDR3: 32 GB ECC: Festplatten: 2 x 2000GB: 2 x 120 GB SSD: 2 x 1000 GB: RAID: Soft: Soft. SoYouStart,OVH Server Manger Modules. 3. Switchepp. 37. VMware Module. 4. WGS GST Module . 1. WGS Nextcloud WHMCS Module. Kategorien Tag Cloud account AWS banner basic configurations blog blog.php change client area theme clientx clone block color color scheme content credentials custom header clientx dedicated dedicated server flag flag icon ftp hetzner home page hostx hostx language hostx. SoYouStart,OVH Server Manger Modules. 3. Switchepp. 37. VMware Module. 4. WGS GST Module . 1. WGS Nextcloud WHMCS Module. Categories Tag Cloud account AWS banner basic configurations blog blog.php change client area theme clientx clone block color color scheme content credentials custom header clientx dedicated dedicated server flag flag icon ftp hetzner home page hostx hostx language hostx.

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